Beautiful Day

Totally random and not Marine related, but...

TODAY WAS GORGEOUS OUT!!!! It was 60, sunny, and just beautiful.  I renewed my liscense, kinda look retarded but its cool.  I felt like a total gangster (lol those who really know me im like the white-ist (SP???) mexican ever) in my car with my music blaring listening to lil wayne(yeah sh*t just got real LOL) smoking my cigerette(SP??? WOW I CAN NOT SPELL) TOTAL GANGSTER!!!

LMAO, sorry for the random post ladies, just thought I would share my wonderful day :) 

KimmyKakes KimmyKakes
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

she is doing good, she had chemo today but she tripped on her way into her house on some rocks she has for decorationand i guess my grandpa got pissed so he took all of them and threw them in the garbage so she wouldnt get hurt again. lol they're so cute. oh and i called his mom today cuz im like screw him im tired of this and shes like "ahhh hell no ima whoop his black a** when i see him" lol i love her

as of now i dont know where we stand but whatever its all on him now