'Taking Chance'

I don't know how many of you have seen this but I just finished watching the movie 'Taking Chance'... I seriously cried through all seventy six minutes of it. It was soooo heart wrenching. It's about a Marine who chooses to escort a casualty who died in Iraq that is from his hometown originally. This higher up Marine has to escort Pfc Chance Phelps across the country to get his remains back to his family. It goes through the long drawn out process of how precise escorting a fallen Marine would be. IT IS SO INCREDIBLY SAD. Yet when you watch it you just can't help but feel overwhelmed with pride. I can't even describe this movie... just wow. I guess this movie just really got to me because Pfc Chance was the same age as my boyfriend is currently when he got killed in Iraq in 2004... yes this is a true story!!! lkajkfdkaldjf ahh it just gave me goosebumps.

You guys should watch this movie... although I wouldn't reccomend it if you're an emotional wreck because your love is overseas. It's hard enough watching it being a non emotional wreck.

OOOOOOH 26ish flippen days until Chris leaves stinky Iraq... he said it smells like burt baby **** by the way, eww. I'm so excited for him to come home and smell Iowa :) hahahhh. we're known for cows, pigs, and corn!!!!!!! Anywhoo I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM!!!! Even though he'll be at base soon his family and I probably aren't driving down there to see him until easter weekend because he'll have a 96.... Since he's part of an advon he'll have to work when he gets back to base.. therefor we wouldn't all get to hangout with him as much... so that's part of the reason why his mom wants to go down easter weekend instead. He's going to be sad that we probably wont be there for his homecoming :( and that also makes me sad... but I'm just thankful I get to see him very very soon!!! haha, i've already started the beautifying process and I've been searching for a good "arm leaping shirt" to wear when I see him for the first time since early September!! hahah.

Well that's all that's new with me!!!! lovelovelovelove!

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haha yeah, the beautifying process consists of getting my hair re-done, nails, getting a nice tan etc. woohooo!! I'm soo happy!!<br />
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hollliiieee i actually watched it online ... watch-movies.net :) gotta love it. ahhh i have nooo idea what i'm going to wear. when he first sees me i'll probably look like hell from an eighteen hour long drive from iowa to NC. eeek!

i have never heard of that movie Paige! but eh idk if i should watch it sometimes i bothers me if i see stuff about that=/ Did you rent the movie?<br />
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and yayyyyy Christpher is coming home soon! HOORAY :]<br />
ahhh cant wait to see what you are going to wear!!<br />