Camp Lejuene

I know there are a few ladies on here that are stationed with there Marine at Camp Lejuene. And I was wondering what you do when he is at work? I honestly still dont know what to do after 8 months.

myagracie myagracie
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4 Responses Mar 6, 2009

hey where do you girls live? im at lejeune too..but we live in town at charleston place apts. i agree NOTHING to do here lol basically talk to people and look stuff up online, read some, wait for it to be 5...or whenever he gets out on that particular day haha...boring, boring, boring! can't wait for it to really warm up cuz i really want to go to the beach!

im not at camp leguene... im yuma az & there is absolutely nothing to do... i watch movies & check EP... & really bored all the time!

nothin at all i have been lookin for jobs but nothing and i have been here for a mnth and it sucks i am always terribly bored while he is at sucks majorly but at least im here wit him..