March 17th Or Bust + Taps & Reveille + Field Op

ok first, there are 7 people in brandons unit getting NJP'd right now... soo one of the big dogs way up high on the chain of command has ordered them to have dry barracks (not a big surprise, all the NJPs are alcohol related) AND theyre gonna start having  0530 formations, complete with 'reveille' being played and allll that ... AND 2200 formations complete with 'TAPS' being played (kinda creepy, i thought that was just for funerals, guess not) ... but yea, especially the reveille in the morning part, i kinda thought that was hilarious ...

so, brandon and another guy have managed to get themselves requested for a field op next week lmaoo so their out of the motor pool and the barracks and dont gotta deal with the bullshit, because im sure everyones gonna be getting the green weenie hard corps all week at work to, crazy PTs, psycho field days, etc ... anyway, so hes gonna be in the field.. hes just driving the transport, not actually participating so when hes not working he can use his phone, hes got a car charger and all that jazz ... whats funny is the field op is for boot OFFICERS, so officers (in training) are gonna be busting their ***** loading stuff, etc while brandon just sits and watches, lolol him and the other guy are going to enjoy that....

and finally march 17th or bust - I AM GOING TO MARRY THIS MAN ON MARCH 17TH 2010 OR NOT AT ALL DAMMIT, im not chaing the date again, thats far enough back plus i really like the date, the more i thought about it the more things came out that made it a good choice .. here they are:

-if i had to pick any day out of the year and didnt take convienence or anything else into consideration, this would be my day.

-its actually already our anniversary of when we became a couple

-we want a 17th because were both born on the 17th, and idk its special to us

-its less than 30 days after my bday and vday, brandon can knock out vday, my bday, and our anniversary out, do em big, and relax the rest of the yyear,

-this is a date thats easy for him to remember

-its st patricks day ... thats gotta be lucky

-its his little brother that passed away when brandon was in jr highs birthday ... so its really special, and also, i think that will kinda make his presence be felt on our big day, even though he can really be there physically

-its spread out from taylahs bday, and christmas enough (i didnt like that aug 17th was RIGHT after her bday)

-its far enough back, we can save and not have to hit up the courthouse, we can have a real wedding on our wedding day and do it right

-its on a saturday, i was planning a weekday wedding before, to accomodate our nonexistant budget, and to accomodate us having it on a 17th.. march 17th 2010 falls on a saturday, which is when people are supossed to get married

-its not in all out full 'wedding season' so booking a place should be A BIT easier

Thats it, its final, im not changing my date again, im tired of that going back and forth ISH. Im marrying the man on march 17th and thats that ....

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6 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Kids, gotta love em.

awww thats good LOL batgirl

LOL OMG taylah sounds like a riot...i hope my daughter is as colorful as she is...if i lived near you i would babysit her any day she is too cute

i agree, i love how you chose a day that is extremely special to you guys and family and will be a very beautiful and emotional day becuz of the reasons. Congrats and good luck planning!!!

congrats! That really is onlya year away so its not too long you gotta wait =]

glad you got it figured out! :)