So I Just Don't Know How to Feel

I got a letter from josh today but through out the letter I got like 3 different vibes! 1st he was talking about us getting married (he asked how would I feel if it happened sooner then we originally planed... like next month while he's home) & we can have a big ceremony next year when things won't have to be so rushed! That was exciting to hear... Then he went on to talk about how he really thinks he wants to change his job! OMG.. (In my mind in saying I told ya so because I was there throught the whole entire signing up process and I told hime he would want that job! Ugh!!) now it gonna b a pain in the *** to change it and he might not be able to. Then he went on to tell me about how all the guys were enjoying the calendar I sent at the begining of training... idk why it was full of pic of him, the baby,his family, and me. He also went on to tell me how the food was only getting worst! =( im worried sick about my baby!!!
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Ok I just read through what I wrote and sorry for the typos

He has a baby.. No she's not mine biologically but you might as well say she's mine. Her moms in and out and does nothing 4 her.

yeah totally confused like nat...WHAT BABY!?!?

Oh ya & its official that he won't be home for prom =( he leaves for MCT on April 5th and prom is April 25th, it really sucks that he will miss it by a few days but its cool