I Hope This Isn't True...

I was browsing the internets(yes internets) and found this story about Jon Goesslin, the dad from Jon & Kate Plus 8.  Story says he has been living with his mother since February and was spotted at some bars making out and "dancing dirty" with local college girls and get wasted with them.  I so hope this isnt so because thats just so sad and those poor kids.  I don't think it was him though, the pic totally does not look like him. 





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hahah rollergirl, that's what i was thinking... like i said, his hair line is wayy off hahaha.

okay...just a very random thought on the drunken guy in the picture. I think he has too much hair to be Jon...I ove Jon, but he's definitely getting sparse up top.

yeah it does get crazy...they need to work together more

omg i LOVE that show! i hope it isnt him & i agree with paige she has to be like that... it gets crazy with tons of kids!

true i agree, with paige and selflesslove as well, if she wasnt that way the house would be like a freaking zoo. but at the same time i wouldnt blame him for doing something like this....kate needs to learn to relax a bit otherwise that woman is going to have a breakdown, and jon needs to step it up a bit and help her out more

yeah i wouldnt blame him if he did she is so demeaning to him and such a b**** too

i love jon and kate.. kate has to be bitchy and ocd all the time... she has eight kids. I'm one of five so i understand how necessary it is for momma to enforce the law.... lots of kids make people go crazy sometimes lol. I think kate's an awesome person.<br />
I doubt this is him... Jon's from Hawaii and not to be stereotypical but most Hawaiian people look similar. Plus this guys face is too long, nose is too pointy, and his hair line is way off LOL... can't you tell I LOVE that show? :D

OMG!! I really hope that's not him because I love that family!<br />
even though larissa is right, kate is a little too bitchy and OCD-y all the time..

lol they have a reality show on TLC, called "Jon and Kate Plus 8" they had twins then sextuplets and have a show about their lives