So haven't been on here for a while, but I was wondering how often one usually gets to see your special someone while their in job school?
I have to say its been a little tough, his ship date (for basic) keeps getting changed, first they keep changing it, then he hurt him self and it might be delayed more, not that I'm in a hurry for him to leave, and it would be so nice if he could be here for christmas, and meet some family he hasn't, but he's getting antsy about it being so long before he leaves, but then I think about him gone and it scares me, the idea of not seeing him, or hearing him for that long, I'm just really hoping it all falls into place right now…..
sorry long messages guess I just need to tell someone lol
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Do you mean SOI? In SOI they have liberty On weekends most times and sometimes they have off base liberty. My hubby is in his third week of ITB and I'm packing plans to go visit him in two weeks.

Yes, thank you that answers my question :)

You're welcome hun! Good luck, stay strong ☺️

Thanks :)