Prayers For Our Troops

The purpose of this post isn’t 2 force religion on anyone. I just know that the power of prayer truly gets me through the day and I love praying for my airman’s safety and wellbeing. I was wondering if any military girlfriends, fiancées, or wives would like me to add their man’s name to a prayer request book that my church has for members of the military

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6 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Totally understandable. They'll still be in my thoughts and prayers :)

I'll be sure to write their names down and keep them in my thoughts and prayers girls. And palm29grl that is totally understandable. I haven't given out my name or my airman's name to anyone either cuz I'm the same way. Your man will still be in my thoughts though (name or not) :) I swear I'm a trustworthy person who has a simple and honest intention. I truly am just here for prayer and support. LOL :) God bless all of you and your marines!

aw i like this thank you so much and your church for the support<br />
<br />
Lcpl Curb, Logan

aww thats so sweet...and yeah that would be lovely and much hubbys name is Aaron Kanouse. hes not deployed yet either but he will be...thank you :)

Cool. I'll be sure to do that for you. God bless!

They don't have to be deployed hun. It's just a book for anyone serving. My man's not deployed either