MCT & Mos

ok does anyone know if Josh will be able to talk on the phone at MCT & MOS? Will he be able to bring a cell phone?

and if you want to use a few of your vacation days during these schools will you be able to? he will be at MOS during my graduation and i think i will go crazy if he's not there!

Im still not used to the whole no contact thing =(

I Miss My Baby!!!

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Well grad. Is on a thursday so if its possible den that will work! <br />
<br />
& he's in SC

=( man it is what it is i guess... <br />
if he cant come i know its only because they wont let him & he'l make it up!<br />
but what in the heck is a 96??

yeah aaron says no about taking leave too...sorry :(

yes he will getto bring his phone... but for MCT he might not get to call you... it just depends on his DI if he does it will only be on weekends and most of the time just on sundays.<br />
<br />
i dont know about taking leave during school.