We Had An Internet Date

and ladies i highly recommend them ... we watched fireproof ... awwwwww! you guys the man scored big points today ... he had a defict and he did really good today... it was a simple thing, but you know ... when hes halfway across the country and youre happy if you get to see him every 3-4 months ... the simple things go a long way ...

he didnt go hang out where he usually hangs out for the weekend ... he passed up playing football outside with the guys (he LOOOOOOOVES football, hes a BEAST and likes to floss it) .. and when his friend texted asking him if he wanted to kill some call of duty nazi zombies he told him it would have to wait ... AND he borrowed his room mates laptop (now HIS is messed up) all so he could sit and watch fireproof with me ... we would pause it at the same time, etc, etc and IM'd ... it was super corny and cute ... (fyi: for those of yall that think because we met online, this wouldnt be something new, thats not the case i refused to take him serious or think of our relationship as real until we actually spend time together, we never did anything like this before, because we werent in a relationship until he came back to the states, in other words when he was in japan he had other girls, and i had other boys to keep us busy)

and most importantly it went a long way to showing me even though hes far away, our relationship is important to him.

hes had a really hard time trying to figure out how to do that all the way from NC (did yall see that punk *** vday gift??? that was LATE???) lol anyway, like i said the man did good today

Im glad we finally got in some QT, because hes gonna be in the field until friday ...


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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

aww those things are so so cute! ill def have to tell matt about these "dates"... i love it!<br />
<br />
oh and the xmas gift... oohhhhhh mine still hasnt come... and the vday gift.... ohhhhh never got one!!!!

Ok you got it good with the punk gift 4 v-day because all I got was a "Happy V-day Bae I'll make it up when I get home" =( wtf them bastards @ boot didn't even let him call... <br />
<br />
& you remind me of josh & I watching 1st 48 thogther

awwww that honestly is really adorable:] hehe doesnt it make you feel good when he passes up stuff he usually does to do somethin special that means alot to you :] LOVE IT!!<br />
so what website did you use to watch the movie? ive been trying to find a good one!

aww how cute...i heard of the movie but haven't seen it yet. Is it any good?