Ok so Josh's mom called me this morning and was like hey Lex & im like hi... (its about 7am im on my way to school, she never calls this early) Then she goes I need to know if your coming to our family reunion by this afternoon because im getting everything set up!!! (Ok she invited me once b4 but I just never gave her an answer) Josh won't be home for it so I would just be me her and the baby. I know a lot of his family simply because I have been around forever but there are still a lot of people I don't know because he has family all over the world & im really nervous to go w/o him. It seems like it would just be awkward... & with him seriously considering getting married next month I think I need to know these people even though the reunion is in July Ughhhhhh I should have just went last year when they asked me to go but I couldn't because of work =(
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i think you should go! if you have been around for a long time then you have to meet the family sooner or later! and why not when hes gone so that you will acctually get to talk to them and they wont just pass up by because they havent seen josh in a long time!

she's not biologically mine she's his & its in a whole notha state theres no leaving early.

just go! it wont be that bad & if it is just make up an excuse to leave early!