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hey ladies sry that i havent been on ive just been soo busy with work, babysitting my niece n nephew, n planning the wedding....its been crazy.  but i have gotten bad news about 3 weeks maid of honor has cirvical cancer n ive been kinda paying more attention on her then the wedding.  its been hard for me the past 3weeks n i just dont know wht to still takin it pretty hard but ive been there for her cuz shes like my little sister.

the only thing tht has to get done for the wedding is to get the bride's maids' dresses, my dress (which i got) just need to be altor or whtevr, the tuxes for the grooms men, the cake, n the flowers n decorations.

couple nights ago charles told me that when he is gunna reenlist he told me that after he gets bk from his second deployment he will not get deploy for he asked me where i would want to go for 3 yrs n i asked him wht he had in mind, he said hawaii or japan.  i said hawaii. 

only 4 months left then ill be a married woman :)

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sorry to hear about your friend!<br />
<br />
but you still have alotta stuff to do and 4 months are like 4 days in wedding plann time so get on it!

that must be really hard going thru that with your friend while trying to finish wedding plans all at the same time :( im sorry. but im sure your wedding will be lovely. congrats :) by the way! i just got married a month ago...we just went to the magistrates cuz a lot of crap happened while trying to plan a big pretty wedding and we decided it would work better for us that way. <br />
yeah i think hawaii would be nice...ive never been there but i lived in cambodia when i was younger and loved every minute of it...obviously different setting but tropical still so same kind of concept right? lol...oh and im hadassah...hi :)

k lol. we havent done any research on it but its just up in the air cuz charles has nvr reenlist. i asked him how it really does work like would they give him a list of places that he can go for his 3yr nondeployment? but he didnt know cuz he never reenlist

wedding planning sounds hectic, but fun at the same time! are you two having a big wedding?<br />
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i also have a friend who is also stationed there. actually in the coast guard. he loves it there. he's always on the beach! wish i could say the same for myself. lol.<br />
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have you done any research on hawaii yet?<br />
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oh by the way my name's baby. it's my real name i promise! :D

wow you still have a lot to do! lol & i have friends stationed in hawaii & they hate it & its very expensive! a fun place to visit not so much to live!