GREETING Your Marine When He Gets Home...

hey girlies,

so jesse should be leaving for iraq soon and it's gonna be my first deployment. he mentioned to me that he wants me to be there when he gets back and off the bus. i know i won't find out when he gets back til last minute, but have you girls greeted your marines when he got back and what's the process like exactly. i would have to fly from CT to CA where he's stationed. help! thanks girls.

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aw 24 days? lucky! jesse is just about to leave. boo! i'm already having withdrawals and it's only been two days! lol.

awesome. thanks girls! just what i needed to know. i def. have to fly out to pendleton. his buddies are going to pick me up from the airport and all that. this is gonna be an experience for me. lol.

Homecoming is awesome! I think I've already shared that I nearly lost my mind when Patrick came home from Iraq. There was a hotline the battalion set up in the last week or so saying which company was coming home when. His date and time changed about ten times. He came home to Pendleton, and they stopped in Maine on the way to California, so we knew when he was about 12 hours away. Even then we were waiting until 2:30am, we had all planned on wearing cute little outfits and we were all in jeans and sweatshirts! :) I said "I was there when you got on the bus, I'll be there when you get off!" There was no speech or anything like that for us, either, good thing!<br />
If you are flying, sometimes the airlines are flexible when you explain your dates may change. Find out before you purchase if there is a change fee!

oh yeah and now he's sad because he wont have anyone there to jump on him when he gets back :( I mean his buddy Willy could... but that might be a little strange hahahahah. I'm soo mad!!! I wanted to be there right away!!!

You'll know when he'll be home like a month or so in advance actually. Right now I have about 24 days until my love comes home from Iraq!!! I was originally going to drive down to base with his family to be there when he gets off the buses but that changed because everyone has to work... BOO so we're driving down there 2 weeks after he gets back in the states.... I'll take it though!!! :) I miss him like crazzyyy!!!