Ok I'm just going to ***** for a minute here lol. Why is it that marine wives/gfs/fiances have such a bad name?! I mean I'm sure you girls know what I'm talking about...everyone talks about how much marines girls cheat and act like hos and it makes me so mad! I feel like I have to wear a shirt around all the time with "semper fi" on it lol. Aaron told me awhile ago that when he deploys I'm not allowed to become a ******** and I'm like umm why the hell would I do that? lol and he says cuz a lot of marines girls do stuff like that and a lot of his friends have told me thats true. It's so stupid! Just cuz a few girls can't handle not getting any for a few months we all have a bad rep. Grrrr!!!! And since I've been in Jacksonville I've met at least one marine wife that was OPENLY cheating on her husband while he's in Iraq!! wtf? GAH! I just wanted to slap her!

Ok that was all I think I feel a little better now...I just needed to get that out haha. But really do you girls know what I mean? I seriously think the marines themselves have a better rep about being faithful to their significant other. It just makes me mad cuz Aaron and I and I'm sure you girls too are completely committed to eachother and know that we will be faithful no matter how far away he has to go or for how long but all of the guys in his company who are in relationships get teased that "Jodi" is taking care of their girls while they're away and it makes the guys kind of insecure no matter how much they trust you ya know? It's just dumb.

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it only takes a few bad hoes to screw things up and stereotype the rest...i never got this as being with a marine (cuz im new)...but i got this alot as being a slutty cheerleader...yup thats right i was a cheerleader and i was like the only one who didnt sleep with the whole football team, basketball team, softball team, water polo team, and soccer team...and it was better for me cuz the fact that none of the boys in any team had slept with me they all wanted to hang out with me;-) i was the one down with all the bros and everyone was like "why isnt that me?" and im like "Cuz your a HoE!!" i can definatley see why marines let it to their heads if they hear it all day every day

oooooh giiiiirl..<br />
<br />
if i can only tell you how many times i get this ****.. from my OWN marine! it sucks cuz his marine buddies are always sharing their stories how "my girlfriend cheated on me.. left me for another guy.. etc, etc" and i guess poor thing cant help but begin to start letting that stuff get to his head.. to the point where he starts accusing me of **** thats not even truuue! <br />
<br />
aaaand who's to blame for all of thiiis? those mariiine girlfriend/wives who break the trust! <br />
<br />
so you know whatt.. i've learned to let that stuff go..<br />
as long as you know that YOU are faithful and supporting and loving your marine and as long as he knows that.. thats all that really matterss..

Couldn't they of at least given him a dude's name..... hahaha it's still funny tho

yes i know what you mean you say o ur a marine wife and they are all like oooo.

"Jodi" is the fictional guy that supposedly all marine's girls are with when their man is away.

What's Jodi?

Yeah being in Jacksonville Ive heard all about jodi and whats really bad is like even their superiors will tease them when they're at work that jodi is with their girls. i agree about some of the girls here obviously but its too bad that because of a few hos the rest of us have to constantly prove our loyalty for the many people just waiting for another marine wife to screw up.

I know exactly what you mean!!!! <br />
It drives me crazy! b4 josh left all of his hommies was like bro ya girl gonna b gone by time yu get home so dont even stress is! all i had to say to all of them was F-U-C-K Y-O-U!!!! <br />
i mean im countin down the days til he cimes home but no1 can take his place!<br />
& i live in FL & i know girls from Jacksonville not to sterotype but hoe hoe hoe!<br />
about Jodi my step dad was in the army and he's the 1 that told me about JODI i asked josh & he didnt have a clue what i ws talkin about

ugh why does EP block the word ********? lol ok umm he told me im not allowed to become an exotic dancer...maybe that'll work haha