25 Days Left =]

Well keeping myself busy these last 25 days shouldnt be too hard!  Soccer has officially taken over.  I kind of have mixed feelings about it!  But I got a letter from Michael and his letters just make me laugh!  He always signs it the f****** jerk because they are either really short and dont come very often. This letter was three pages and he is STILL loving it down there!  It looks like he will only be home for 10 days which really sucks but its what he wants!!!  The only thing that makes me really sad about that is he wont be here to escort me to my Junior prom!  Yeah well there is always next year =]  Soccer is going to keep me busy until he comes home for sure.  We started early today and ended late.  Fine with me becauseI cant wait for him to see what great shape I'm in!

These past 2 months have actually gone really really fast.  How long is SOI?  Is it true they go to Hawai???

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2009

that is soooo exciting! did he leave on December 29th?<br />
cuz that is when Michael was supposed to leave but it got pushed back a week.

ok my Joshy is in boot too and hes in SC the 1st 2 months went by sooooo slow but now that this bs is almost over time is flyn!!!! 17days for me

yep he's down in PI. Yay for the month going fast! haha I dont want it to go slow =P<br />
do you know if they go to Hawaii? cuz my friends bf went out there for SOI

awww i'm assuming your boy is in bootcamp? trust me this next month is gonna go by EVEN faster! and before you know it he'll be back with you! enjoy those ten days cuz they do go by fast but you'll share some amazing moments together! i believe SOI is between 1-2 months.. it just depends.