hey ladies...i havent been around in a really long time incase some of you noticed. im guessing theres a bunch of new girls. and i definatly dont have any time to read ALL the stories i missed lol.

anyways...i havent seen donnie in like 2 months. im going down to north carolina march 21 - april 3. and hes coming home with me on april 3 til the 18th. so i'll be spending 4weeks with him..im pretty excited. but hes comming home because he'll be deploying soon after he comes back from leave insted of november now. im okay now but when he told me i was pissed..not at him but i guess just in general cause who the hell can i be mad at? the marine corps?? nope. but whatever i knew it was going to happen eventually. so before he deploys me and his family are gonna drive down to NC to see him again before he leaves. i dont know what emotions to except other than sadness but i know im strong enough to not show it infront of him just so it doesnt bother him. but i'll be alright and everything will be okay. i know i'll miss him like crazy but im just gonna keep myself occupied and next thing i know he'll home with me.

enough rambling..i hope everyone has been doing good im gonna be more active now ive just been busy doing stuff lately that i havent come on EP only been going on myspace and facebook. hope to talk to you ladies sooooon =)

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5 Responses Mar 9, 2009

awwwwww!! how cute! 1 week til yours and brandons one year congrats!<br />
<br />
we're awesome lol

yeah im definatly going to enjoy the time i get to spend with him im excited lol. only 11more days til i go to NC and march 23 is our one year. hooooray!!!

girl i wondered where you went!!!!

aww yay kali!!!<br />
<br />
and thank you! im pretty sure i'll be fine and i know he'll be okay..im just gonna keep myself busy cause i do got alot of things to do! lol

hey kali!!!!<br />
im glad im back toooo i missed you!