I'm so happy right now! I just talked to Patrick and I got a letter from him yesterday. He is so focused and doing so well, I'm so proud of him. He's on a MEU, so I'm not worried for him like I was when he was in Iraq. But it's still tough to be apart and we hadn't talked on the phone for 15 days and I was getting a bit cranky about it. All his mail is waiting for him in Japan for the next three weeks, so he will get lots of love all at once.

He's already talking about postdeployment leave and EAS, so I know his head is in a good place. I'm always half-scared he's going to tell me he's reenlisting! I admire the women that stand by their career Marines, my nerves are shot as it is. How do they do it?

yellowmermaid yellowmermaid
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2009