Ahhh Drama Drama...just 3 More Weeks :)

ahh im so excited just 3 more weeks til i go down to nc to see charles....his bday is the 2nd n im goin down there to suprise him...

i just cant wait til the 4 months is up cuz i really want to move down there cuz there is so much drama up here in ohio....n now i have to find a 4th bride's maid cuz amanda (went to school with from 1st to 12th grade) n i got into a huge fight last night.  she invited me to a party this weekend n i asked her if tara (my maid of honor) can go so that way all my bride's maids can get to know each other b4 the wedding.  she was like yea sure then 5 seconds later ooo idk cuz i feel like i want to hit her in the face...i was like u dont even know her n u r already talkin s*** bout her n threating to hit her, if this continues u r not welcome at all. n she was like u f****** cant tell me wht to do or say n i was like fine dont ***!  she is such a f****** b**** so i made up a word/name for her phyco slhore cuz she was also tryin to get with charles whn he was up here for vday....but any ways im glad she isnt coming i felt like i made a right choice n it felt good that i was the strong person to tell her all that she better change her act or dont *** at all to the wedding.  I rarely do that but thats wht i learn from being with a marine...which i like cuz i need to stick up for myself.



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yea i know right...ooo well i kicked her to the curb but this mornin she called n left a message appologizing to me but i dont know cuz she always does this all the time<br />
<br />
yes i am gettin married this summer

hmm wow yeah thats just kinda ****** for her to be sayin stuff like that when she doesnt even know the girl and either way she should've tried to be nice and get along with her since its YOUR wedding! some people geez