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hello ladies :)

so Jesse has been really negative lately because of all the training and stuff, and then got a ticket two weekends ago for having an open container and a fake id, becuse his really stupid roomate decided to kick a car in front of a cop when they were walking around newport and his court date is today so he basically knows he's going to have a pretty expensive fine, AND he'll most likely get in some trouble at work.. which sucks even worse for him because the guy in charge of him (idk his title, sorry my marine vocab lacks) is a huge **** and due to the fact his wife just died, and now his child is in a hospital dying somewhere of cancer and her can't be there(REALLY SAD, even if he is a **** I feel bad for him.) he's making their lives as much of a hell has he possibly can. So Jesse is really hating life right now, I'm happy I'm the one he knows he can turn to to take his mind off of things though.. I just hate hearing him like this :/

but anyways he posted this video on facebook yesterday and I sat there and giggled because I feel like of the two marines I know (Jesse and Chris) they both have this attitude the majority of the time, and the narrator was cracking me up. If you really love the Marine Corps I wouldn't advise watching this just so you know, because you'll most likely be offended. but here it is:



I'm guessing some of you have probably seen it before.

Anyways, I've been seriously sick over here in little 'ol Iowa. I actually thought I was on my death bed on saturday night lol, I'm such a whimp when it comes to being sick, but in my defense my throat DID legitimatly feel like it was swelling shut- my mom never worries about me and she was actually concerned. Then she preceeded to accidently OD me on f'n cold medicine and I literally couldn't even walk because everything was so shakey, but she thought it was kind of funny how loopy I was.. but no worries I AM ALIVE :)

well sorry this is so long, I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!!


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I watched that video and it rly made me laugh

lol well I'm actually a tribal person, I'm like a good percent native american and my mom's side is german/italian..<br />
<br />
I had to go ask my parents hahha.. I guess I've never had so much interest in my nationality!!

hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahah!!!!!! natalie you are funny. <br />
<br />
she's german and something else i believe. . . she's supposed to walk through my door any minute now. I'm really interested in her nationality lol. All my years of being bff's with this girl I've never asked her.... :O <br />
<br />
vanessa i'm going to watch that youtube video now. I love you poopy!

hahahahahahaha!!!!<br />
many people mistake my mother for being mixed lol but nope I just tan and I'm naturally really dark complected. <br />
and I agree I really did not mind when I would get sick when I was little because my mom always took really good care of me, and now she just leaves me hangin when I feel like I'm falling apart!

lol at oolala me too! and he will be fine