NEED B~day Ideas!

Josh turns 20 on March 31. his graduation is on the 27th & we will be back home on the 28th.

He wrote me sayn that he wants to be with me all day so i sorta kinda got the day planned out but idk because he didnt give me a clue what he wanted to do all he said was go for it bae and no clubs!!

so heres what i got so far.... please help

1. Breakfast (anywhere i guess)

2. Dinner @ this new Japanese place (they do hibachi so i thought that would be cool)

3. I booked a hotel

so as you can see i havent planned much but i havent had time ive been to busy getting graduation together.

roeroe246 roeroe246
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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

yes, i agree! lol. just relax at the hotel and enjoy each other's company. allll nightttt longggg. lol!