HELP!! Wedding Ideas!!

I feel like a story ***** when it comes to my wedding but i LOVE you ladies in put ... ok so let me elaborate .. I DONT wanna to go with any one theme for my wedding ... Im hoping to tastefully bring together many aspects of our personalities, backgrounds, herritage, etc etc... and also bring in the fact that its going to be on st patricks day

here are the staples:

-its going to be small, no more than 50 people

-no bridal party, just brandon, taylah, and i (this may change, but i dont think so)

-brandon will be in his dress blues

-This is the dress I want:

-I also want to go ethereal with taylahs dress, and hair, im thinking a beautiful halo  type thing with ribbons and flowers

-I think ill tie in the "lucky" st patricks day thing with the wedding favors i think ill hit up micheals and make beaded keychains, with a four leaf clover, or a horseshoe, or something ...


a few things id like to tie in:

TEXAS (maybe a texas or lone star shaped groomscake?), USMC (we got that covered with the blues i think though, budhism (that will be covered with the vows), the luck -st pattys day aspect (the favors), Taylah - I want her to be represented because shes taking him as her dad (I think ill have her sign as a witness, and do the sand thing with the 3 of us)


Do you ladies thinking Ill be able to accomplish this with out it being tacky or clashing? ANY AND ALL INPUT MUCH APPRECIATED!!

OH and im thinking I should have it inside, like im looking outside right now and its all rainy, and cold ... theres no guarntee of nice weather at all in march ... sooo yea, im thinking of having it here:


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13 Responses Mar 11, 2009

we only had one cake

lol gives me something to do!


well that makes things easy!

will he give up his rights?

my mom made me & shanes since it was so last min & they were cute!!!<br />
<br />
& i like the way alexis put it!

yeah i agree with alexis, if you go and just buy some thick and nice looking stationary or invitations at like a kinkos or staples or office max and do it yourself it will be way cheaper and will have a personal touch since you made them

instead of a cake maybe a cupcake tower? with red, white, and blue frosting? texas shaped grooms cake?

i like it, just switch the date, "on March 17th, 2010" since you want to stay away from traditional-ish things lol...but thats just me but its up to you...

i like the idea of taylah inviting people, its cute, and not traditional, which is what you want.

i thought it would be so cute, and she can maybe buy him something he could wear and he can maybe buy her a necklace or something and they can exchange that since u guys exchanged ur rings, and omg i wish i can see it...i can just picture it now lol...YOU BETTER DO THIS!!! OR ELSE!!!! LMAO

ok so i read most of the comments and i dont think i saw anyone say this but if they did sorry im going to say it again, since the colors of the texas flag are red, white, and blue, you have the blue and red covered, and white with your dress. maybe do some sort of wedding favors like a key chain u were talking about the shape of texas with urnames engraved or something. and since u want to have taylah be a big part too, maybe somehow have her and brandon have a little "vow exchange" like i taylah take you brandon to be my daddy and i brandon take you taylah to be my daughter or something along those lines

I'm def with everyone else on taylahs hair... it would be really adorable on her!! <br />
<br />
As far as your colors; <br />
you could incorporate some green, for st patties day<br />
but i saw you say you liked red alot??<br />
<br />
Red and ivory, or white. <br />
with another color you like would be good. <br />
<br />
if you want red and green you'd have to go with a deeper red to avoid it looking like a christmas themed wedding and the right green... <br />
<br />
and if you were to go with that avoid putting red and green right next to eachother, if you want red as the main color, you could use predominantly green florals and favors. which would work since you want favors that go with st. patricks day. <br />
<br />
anyway, just some ideas for colors. <br />
your dress is so pretty, when i was little i always wanted a wedding dress just like that.<br />
The texas groomscake would work for wanting to put texas in. To getthe Marine corps in mine and joshs wedding, he's wearing his dress blues and having a marine corps groomscake.

Taylah cant sign as a witness unless shes of age & i believe thats your daughter?? but i think you can do it as long as you dont over do certain things.... <br />
the favors sound cute

i think you can do all the different themed stuff if you stick with a common color or something to draw everything together...and for her hair have you seen a halo a french braid in a circle on top of her head? they look really pretty and you could weave ribbons into the braid and stick some flowers in if you wanted.