I'm Married!!

Just letting all you girls know, (if you havent read my last story)

that josh and I tied the knot February 24th before he left for Okinawa. We're having the formal wedding when he gets home on leave in December (if that works out )

Engagement pictures are up, so go see! They turned out really good.

I'm moving to Okinawa in December when he goes back, he's already applied for the housing since it could take a while to get in. Dont know yet when he'll find out about any of that...

hope everyones been doing great!! I'm going to try to get on more often now.

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aww yay :] <br />
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haha <br />
yeah Josh's mom is like a freaking nutttcassee. idk what her problem is.

It is hard. Not only do i want to tell everyone. but when his mom starts bitching about how she doesnt want us to get married its hard to hold that back for him. <br />
<br />
I really wasn't okay with keeping it from his family, but his mom is crazy. Seriously.

I was definitely in your situation for a while!! and i was so worried that like, having the court house wedding by ourselves would take away from the big wedding being special and everything... well i haven't regretted marrying Josh for one second. and It actually feels pretty romantic just running off and doing our own thing, then when timing is better have something bigger to show our commitment to our families. <br />
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everytime i tell someone this their like wtf, but only my family knows, and our close friends. His does not (if his mom knew we were planning on doing that she wouldnt even show up at the formal wedding)<br />
<br />
Anyway i stressed over wether i really wanted to do this or not for a while, but it really just comes down to how muchy ou care about him. If you know your man really well, and love him A LOT go for it. I'm so happy I can finally call josh my husband.

Okay so my marine and I talk about getting married in every single conversation practically.... but tonight he just mentioned doing what you did and doing basically a court house wedding before he's deployed and the whole huge wedding with everyone when he's home. Are you glad you did it that way?? Give me as much advice as you can!!! Xoxo