ME=NOT Clingy Ha!

hi girlies,

so...i talked to jesse last night. he actually called me pretty early which he hardly ever does. but anyways, we talked about him calling me c"lingy" and he said he didn't mean to put it like that.

he meant that he loves having me around when he's home and that he expects me to wanna be with him 24/7 whenever we can while he's around b/c he knows we never have much time with each other.

he meant clingy in a good way. there such a thing as clingy in a good way? lol. idk...

but he apologized and never meant to hurt me. so yay i feel better!

thanks for all the input ladies.


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thanks lovies.<br />
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yeah me too. well my friend chris likes to make up his own. it's pretty histerical when you're in the middle of a convo and he busts out in something crazy and calls it a vocab word. lol.

aw lol. well i know there's an urban dictionary for slangs. i haven't seen it yet and can't get onto the site from work, but check it out and let me know how it is.<br />
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lol. i'm the same way. if you're gonna say something to me, make sure you use the right tone or i will take it the wrong way and we'll have problems. lol.<br />
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we need to get a guy dictionary or something to translate. lol.

lol thanks hun! oh by the way add me girlie! ;D

Lol TOLD YA SOOOO! <br />

i knew i wasn't a stalker. lol. yeah clingy in a good way. still means i am with the word selection, but i guess that's not what he meant. ugh...god. gotta love it. he's pretty blunt about things so it prob. just came out in a bad way. lol.