SPRING Break ♥

hi you sexxy girlys :]

okay so i just wanted to let yall know that im not gonna be on here for a week *tear* *tear* :[ b.c im going to FLORIDA for SPRING BREAK!! WOOHOO!!!!!! So EXCITED! cant wait to get my tan on!

Idk if any of your girlys have spring break this week too, but if yall do... HAPPY SPRING BREAK!! :]  :] ♥♥♥♥♥

love you mammas!!



p.s> I turn 20 on March 20th!!!!!! ow ow! ill be in FL for my bday! yay!!

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Welcome to Florida baby!!!!

awww happy bappy birthday babe!! have a great time and be safe!! i start my spring break on your bday!! i will be on a plane flyin to Alabama!! whoop whoop! gotta get my redneck fix!! lol have a great spring break

Happy Almost Birthday!!!!!! =] =] Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aw happy early birthday!!! <br />
<br />
and that's my sister's birthday also! lol. she's turning 21 and we'll be in viva las vegas! <br />
<br />
whatever you decide to do for your birthday will be so much fun. take pictures for us!<br />
<br />

St Pete Beach!!!