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ok so yesterday one of my best friend came into town to visit for the weekend n got my dress altor which was the 3rd time of me wearing it :) i cant wait til April the 15th cuz thats the last fitting of my dress.

i talked to charles about his whole 3yr non deployment.....iasked him if its possible can we move to ohio for three yrs n he said yea but he doesnt know how it all works cuz he has never been reenlisted so this is his first time going to reenlist.  the reason y i asked him that so i can spend time with the family n my friend tara(the one that has the civiarian (spelling?)cancer.  n that way since charles n i want to start our own family (sum time whn he gets bk from his 2nd deployment) so that oour family can be ther too.

how does that work? like do they give him a list of where he can go for his 3yr nondeployment or whts the case?

only 3 mre wks til i go dwn to nc and 19 mre wks til I AM A MARRIED WOMAN :)

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

even if he doesnt deploy, if hes still in the marines he has a job to do at a base... & they can put in where they "want" to go but in the end they will stick him where they need them