You Want Somethin' to Talk About??

We broke up...


But its all good. Cause we've already got back together.


Turns out it was all a huge huge misunderstanding. Which happens with both me and him are stressed out, and most of our converstations are online. But the good new is only 2 more months and he'll be home! Im soo excited. :)


okk But this chick that goes to school with me has been talking to travis online a little (which is what we got into our fight about in the first place) and shes really ******* me off. She keeps telling people that shes going to win him over and **** like that. My friends keep telling her that she doesnt stand a chance in hell and deep down I know that, but still wouldnt it bother you? I told travis and he said he'd stop talking to her If I wanted, But I dont want him to give up his friends.. No matter how much they **** me off... Is that wrong? 


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10 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Helllllllllllllllll nawwwwwwwwww you not wrong and he should stop talkin to her not because you want to come between him and his friends but because if she was a friend she wouldn't make comments like that and if he cares about your feeling which im sure he does he would be upset by her actions and willing to stop talking to her

rape? hookers? viagra? doesn't matter. they're still not going to have sex anyways

LMAO i read it and ur guys are crazy...poor ppl really like need help and u guys are like just bang her in her sleep LMAO PRICELESS ENTERTAINMENT

hahaha you girls always crack me up!!<br />
but I agree with them. cut that **** out.<br />
I had a bad premonition about this girl that jesse kept texting when we first met, but I didn't want to say anything and make it a big deal, and when he was home over christmas she was at the new years party we were at, and his friends kept coming over to tell me how mad she was, because she thought she was in "love" with him. wtf.<br />
<br />
so basically i'm saying if you have a bad feeling about her, follow your gut!

lol i meant online best friend silly willy

ahahaha lol i love u alexis, ur now my online B/F LOL

if he cares about u he will cut her out and you shouldnt have to worry. but if he continues to talk to her and is being shady and that heffer is still in the picture then worry AND BEAT HER A**

ahh... ok. So you guys think that it is a big deal?<br />
<br />
greattt. now Im all worried

LMAO, alexis ur crazy girl

i totally agree, i understand that u dont want to stop him from having the friends he wants but she sounds like T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!