My Body Shape ... My Wedding Dress ... and My Laptop

Ok here is a full body shot of me about 3 years ago ... Ive gained weight since then but I have a year to lose it, its nothing I cant do, ive already lost like 7 lbs in the last week ... Anyway I have to post a link to the pic cause im on my blackberry So there is my body shape, I have a gut I was sucking it in a bit OF COURSE ... But with a good girdle im sure ill be fine ... Anyway do you think the dress will compliment my shape? Or no? Give it to me straight you wont hurt my feelings I promise ... Here is the dress again I know I need to go try dresses on, but I wanna drop some weight first ... And I dont wanna start planning for the birdcage veil wont match a dress that compliments my figure ... Ya know? So about my laptop ... Its messed up, HOPEFULLY ill be back in bidness in a few days ... In the meantime ill be posting sporatically ... You can message me ... Or text me ... Hit me up if you want the number....
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9 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I love the dress and no i think you have wonderful curves... Although i'm also on the bit chubby side myself i try to avoid things like horizontal clothing because it makes me seem wider. Just an opinion and fashion rule i go by! Goodluck!

i think you can rock it! just be sure to try it or something similar on & you good... fyi that dress has potential to be verrrrrrry heavy

We should start a random support group so we can be more accountable. Nic keeps telling me how he can start to see himself getting back into shape and how healthy he's being out there, and I would love to look better when he gets home.<br />
<br />
That dress is beautiful, btw. I love mermaid dresses, and I think it will look really nice on you!

will spending 8 hours with bratty lil kids and trying to take their pictures and running back and forth make them sit still count? lol otherwise ill walk/jog with my puppy

lol yeah i was totally gonna work out for a bit then just have someone at work take my pictures and send him a few and be like yeah **** u

all my other friends are like sticks so no point in asking them to work out wit hme. lol will do ma'am

too bad u live in big ol TX, we could work out together. my goal is 180

honestly, i think the dress will look good on you, because u do have some curves, and it will fill out in the right spots and look gorgeous.

I really love that dress! it's gorgeous! and I honestly think it'll look really good, you have a nice pear-y shape so mermaid style dresses will compliment you nicely! ( I read a lot of prom dress magazine's and what types match which body types lol) <br />
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and I feel you on the weight loss before trying on dresses, for some reason formal dresses are hell to try on. They always make me feel like I weigh 400lbs.