Hey everyone. I haven't really been on much. Started a new job and we put Lysia in daycare and on top of everything I've had like a million test at school so update. Yes guys i love the name Gabriele too. I always have. We're so excited.

Jay's mom just told us last week that for a whole night she's gonna watch Lys so that me and Jay can go to his our prom. We're going to have to look really hard for a dress. It's gonna be really hard to find one to go around my belly. haha. But it's gonna be fun. It will probably be the last time we go out with out Lys before the baby.

I plan on being on a lot more...Especially this week...spring break. i have a doctors appointment Tuesday so i'll be sure to give an update.





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my fiance is leaving for boot camp in june. so he can finish high school. yes Lysia is my daughter. No she is not legally my fiance's. But he is plannin on adoptin her when we get married. I do not live with his parent's anymore. We gotta house. And about the dress...thats exactly what jay's mom said. i found like 4 that i really like.

where is your bf right now? will he be able to make it to prom?

lol.. well Bri I used to work with alot of dresses and i would go with a empire waist & prob something greshin (how ever you spell that)

Ok I don't really know you but is Lysia your daughter & you are pregnant again?