Pulling Away...

i dont know if its because his room mate just came back ( hes been gone for like 3 months... i dont know where he was) or if its because he got his orders and hes leaving really soon... but it just seems like phil is distant... we still talk every day... but our hour long conversations that would fly bye and we always had something to talk about have turned into 10 min covoersations with nothing to say... just long silent pauses... did anybody elses man do this before he got deployed?!


oh and i posted pics of the baby!!

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

thanks girls!!!

I feel like you right now, because jesse's training a lot for deployment and stuff.. I feel like it's a good chance for me to get mentally prepared for the real distance that's coming up though.<br />
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You know he loves you! he'll come around, I have no doubt.

thanks girls! im sure he is swaped with tranning since the found out on thursday when they are leaving and its only a few weeks away!