UGHHH I have been sick all week and so tired of it.  i just wish i was so over this damn cold.  i keep coughing and its gross.  OMG I NEED MUCINEX!!!!! LIKE NOW  !!!

KimmyKakes KimmyKakes
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

mucinex works for me!

lol yeah will totally not take all of them together. too late!!! i took mucinex this morning before my work meeting. uhhh sorry guys

DO NOT take mucinex, asprin, and excedrine sinus relief all at the same time!!! it makes you really loopy! my mom accidentally did that to me lol, and i was in no condition to drive to work that morning, the road felt as if it was moving.<br />
<br />
i'm a big dayquil user though, it really helped me!!