I Miss Him.

My boyfriend is in the Marine Corps. He is in boot camp in San Diego right now.He is active and in infantry. It sacres me cause I never want him going to war. He has 3 weeks and 5 days left and I can already tell that this is just the beginning...

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hey love. my name's baby.<br />
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my marine jesse actually just left for iraq on his second tour. it's my first deployment with him and so far so good. a little sad, but that's natural. just stay positive and stay strong for him.<br />
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take things one day at a time and spend every chance you get with him. message if you need anything. ;)

hey hun im allie =]<br />
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like paige and lauren said, this is gonna be one hell of a ride. there will be many ups and downs but youll get through it. =]

hi my name is Lauren and my husband is infantry also preparing for our first deployment...<br />
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and like Paige said you are in for a hell of a ride you better grab on...and always think positive...

hey my names Paige!!!!<br />
my boyfriend is in the infantry too, and is also in Iraq just like Amanda's... except my love will be in my arms again in less than a month!!! <br />
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You're in for one hell of a ride. I hope you can hang on!!! If you ever need to talk message me :)

welcome to the club! my boyfriend has 11 more days in boot and his job is a combat engineer also infantry =( so your not alone.... when we where signing him up i kept asking him can you please just be a chef! lol but the only thing i can tell you is support!<br />
~im Rolexus by the way