Choosing a Base

does anyone know how the process of getting an assigned base goes?

do you get to choose or prefer a base?

& when do you know what base you will be @?

also how often do your so called permanent bases get changed ?

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Me and Nick just went thru this actually. He was in MOS in Pensacola, FL and while there he got to put in his preferences, which basically consisted of: East Coast, West Coast, Japan, Hawaii, etc. He put East Coast and tried for Beaufort, SC and apparently they try to satisfy your requests but he ended up getting Cherry Point, it could be better but it could definitley be worse. He says that after about a year he can apply for a location change so we'll see...GOOD LUCK!!

oh ok im not to sure where pendleton is but i believe we did tell his recruiter our top three which were CA japan or NC but im not sure. heck i sat in that office for 3 hour at a time about 10 times =( then he had to check in every tues. night for about a hour.. i swear i got dragged in that office every single time!

Im from Florida, im tryna hurry up and figure it out because of school and stuff

yeah, like the other girls said... he wont get to pick. EXCEPT, if he's reenlisting after his four years are up... then they can pick wherever they want to be stationed.

yea he really dont get to pick he can put down what he wants but his whole enlistment in the marine corp will be nothing but what he doesnt want and they put you based on whatever his job is and where they need more people of that job..

thanx il look into that but the airforce & marines are alot different and the airforce has like 1000000 more bases & his recruiter told me the he might not know until he's done with his job school =(

Not real sure but my daughter just joined the air force. She is in basic training now at Lackland AFB. Her recruiter told her where she was going for training. I THINK she gets to choose where she is going for her training RN after that. Look into it, call recruiter. <br />
My daughter is engaged to someone also in the AF. I am almost positive she gets to follow him to his base. I think if they get married they can end up at a permanant base, unless one is shipped out on duties.<br />
Check into it somehow, as I'm not real clear but the recuiter was real nice and answered questions. Also, you can go to "base" sites like I did, and they give you a lot of answers on there. I went onto the Lackland Air Force base site, they had SO MUCH info on how to join, what to expect, etc.<br />
Hope this helps<br />
God Bless!!!

im not a pro at this stuff so i wish i could help u out roeroe, kind of would like to know the answer to that too