I'm Going to Kill...

my mother.

does anyone else have the overbearing mother who likes to live through you??


i just realized today.. i'm not planning MY wedding.. i'm apparently planning my MOTHER's wedding.


i know this doens have anything to do with my marine but i really need to vent..


it's gotten so bad i'm scared to show her my dress for fear that she will show up in the same one i'm wearing!

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

That is sooooo common in weddings....happens all the time. Plus mom's tend to want to impress friends and such. Sucks when it happens and i have had brides call me crying over the same thing. When it even gets into who is paying for it is another problem in itself. Try and speak to her about it and how you feel. That is the only thing at this point you can do. Plus you both might have to give a little in what the other one wants. Good luck with that one but remember it is your day and the beginning of your new life.

my moms kinda like Paige's =( she just wants me to live that life she never had so sometimes she goes to the extream. But hopefully she will realize that this is my life.<br />
<br />
& talk to her about it but domnt be to blunt or rude because she might get hurt and be scared to put in her input about anything

hahahah!! GOODNESS!!!!! ok, I feel like my mother is trying to live the life that she didn't lead through me...... It's a little different but she's trying to control when I get married, when I get engaged, when I go to school, where I go to school....... omg. She drives me nuts sometimes.... I've told her that this is my lifffffffffeee not hers!!!!! she just doesn't seem to listen. <br />
<br />
I'm only laughing because of the wedding dress thing lol.. but yeah, your situation would definitely **** me off hardcore!!! I'd throw a fit.

girl i know what you mean my mother did that to me and i like didnt even realize it till the day of my wedding and my husband actually stepped in and decorated the whole place while i was off doin my hair and etc,, stand up now and explain to her...nicely..lol