Imma Pizza Face, Grrr

What the shmuck! Okay my doctor switched my birthcontrol to Yaz, i was on losetrin which was a wonder pill but bc i have major ***** fits the week b4 my period, they switched me to yaz. Its only been a week and i am breaking out, HORRIBLY! i am never the one to break out, i usually always have a clear face and now i look like a frickin pizza face. Ive been told that it usually takes 3 months to get yourself used to the pill. But ive been on message boards where girls are 'oh so happy' bc it cleared there face up instantly almost, GRRR WHY MUST I BE DIFFERENT! my face was clear b4 this!

Sorry this is totally not USMC related but we seem to share everything on here =]

Anyone else on yaz??


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one thing i do like about yaz tho is it made my boobs bigger lol.

were you alergic to anything in it?

lol thats what ive heard, but i do have PMDD. ill give it 3 months

well i do have PMDD, so that is why im on it. But my problem is my freakin face. everything was fine with my old birth control except for my bitchness was extreme to the extreme. i havent been on yaz but like 2 weeks so ill give it a bit longer but my face needs to clear up its so embarasing

i have taken both yaz and loestrin and they both cleared up my skin but they made me a total fatass soooo yeah i hate them both haha

im not sure, my hubby says its probably just my body getting used to the pill bc im so used to lostrin, but my god i look so yuck i didnt leave the house today at all bc of it. Hopefully it will clear up veryyyy soon.

lmfao at "the USMC is my birth control" hahaha Josh comes home in 11 days family day is in 10 =<br />

haha, I love that line "the USMC is my birth control". The past 9 months I haven't had to worry about getting pregnant at all, its been very nice.

I'm suppose to be testing Yaz out, but I keep forgetting about it. But for me its quite expensive for one month so I don't see the point of trying it cause my insurance wont cover it. But the USMC is my birth control, ahah.

nope! and at least you can take bc every kind i have tried has made me super fat and sick as a dog! =(