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ah im gettin tired of this bs....its gettin old.  ever since ive been engaged it seems like that all my friends are like y in the h*** r u gettin married for, ur only 20 n ur startin to live ur life.  they just dont understand where i am commin from no matter how many times i have to explain it they just dont get it.  and like all these guys r like tryin to get with me ever since ive gotten engaged n they know about it but they r just still tryin to get with me n one of my friends was like well maybe thats a sign for u not to get married cuz all these guys have been tryin to get with me i was like no i love charles n thats that.

i just cant wait til i move down to jacksonville, nc....i just dont know what to do any more like every1 cant c how happy i truely am whn im with charles.  is there a way of me explaining or showing them of how happy i truely am?

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your so called "friends" are not really your friends if they're acting this way. it's not fair to you. <br />
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i honestly have my "friends" but i also have my "marine gf's! (you girls). only my best friend actually uderstands my situation and is completely supportive in every way possible. everyone else is just not supportive or doesn't fully understand the military life style and it's ok i don't blame them.<br />
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but she's the only person i can talk to about jesse and not have her judge me or tell me i shouldn't do this or that.<br />
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your friends not gonna fully understand your situation now or maybe even ever, but do what's best for you. you can try and explain yourself over and over again, but why even bother if they're not willing to listen. you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. if you're happy, you're happy and that's all there is to it. just make sure you think things through before making any decisions.<br />
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message me if you wanna talk girlie! ;D

aww i live in jacksonville with my marine but might be goin back home in sept bcuz he is deploying...not sure yet but you dnt worry about them it yuour feelings that truely matter..good luck with everything and congrads

no matter what anyone says or how anyone feels you have a life to live. either you live it for you and what makes you happy or you try to live it for them and go thru hell tryna make someone else happy. <br />
I know what your going through people say the same thing about me and josh & 9 time out of 10 i will be married b4 i turn 18! I know what i want in life and I Know just how to get it! <br />
good luck!<br />
& im happy for you!

Some are jealous, envious and miserable so you being happy is to hard for them to accept. When you marry most of your single friends will wither away anyways. You wont have much in common anymore. so don't fret it! Make new married friends. life will be better trust me!