Dont Think I Could Take Much More

i feel like all the stories i have shared lately have been acting like an army girlfriend... lol but this one i really need your guys' help with!!


my little brother is 16 and last week he got this ramdom bump on his head its about the size of a golf ball... its been giving him really bad headaches and super tender! so my mom took him to the ER today and we found out that its a tumor. he goes in the 26th to get it removed and tested for cancer.. the doctors cant tell us anything about it untill the cut into it.... so now im a MESS!!! it seem like everything is happening all at once... i have my brothers surgery, then shortly after that my dad leaves for iraq and a few days after that phil leaves for afgan. i don think i could handle anything else...


so please just pray for my brother that it isnt cancer and the surgery goes well!!

AnkneysGirl AnkneysGirl
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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I'm so sorry :( you'll be in my prayers too and hopefully everything will work out and it won't be serious...just stay strong- that is a lot to deal with all at once

Im so sorry to hear that but I will put you in my prayers

OMG im so sorry, im sure everything will be ok hun. im sure once removed everything will be fine. and im so sorry about everything else. try not to stress much, he'll notice you're stressing. try to stay strong

yeah i remeber!! i hope so too!! thank you!