Its Really Really Over Ladies

Its really over with brandon and I ... Im sure you all want to know why, and If I had a real answer for you, i would give it to you. The honest truth is I really dont know. Yall know things havent been good with him and I since christmas. I shoulda just let it go then, but I just loved his *** so ******* much .. and taylah .. and blah blah blah. But its really over now ..I think we moved so fast, i knew that wasnt good ... and hes still lying about stuff ... and his heart hasnt been in it lately ... it is what it is ...

so ill probably hang around a few more days .. just to conversate with yall, because i know you wonderful wonderful ladies will have a thing or two to say about this lol ...

Ive cried for 2 days now, and at this point, im good with it, I just had a great convo with my mama, and yall know she set me straight .. im strong, taylah is stronger, and were going to be just fine :)

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6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

aww im so sorry to hear that...i hope you are doing ok...if he was lying about stuff and all that you did the right thing tho. good luck with everything i hope everything works out for you....and yeah you have no reason to leave!

Kali!! Im so sorry to hear that your seem like such a amazing person but I just had to check myself and men are men so you have to do what's best for you and your baby.. Im sure everything will be ok

ahhh no! aw...i'm so sorry sweetheart. but don't leave us! you're apart of this family! ;D

Kali you are an amazing woman!!! You know that you are always welcome here !! =)

Kali I am so sorry =(

Oh no!!! i'm sorry to hear about all this. if you need to talk or whatever just call me or message me. but im glad you are making this decision for you and taylah.