January 8, 2006

I met my boyfriend when i was 14 we are still in highschool and he leaves on June 8th. Its been 3 years and I cant believe im going to go 3 months without seeing him or talking to him. We graduate June 4th and then he leaves four days later. Those last days are going to mean so much but at the same time i dont want to hog him from his family.Im being strong and trying to support him as much as possible because i love him but its going to be one of the hardest things i will ever deal with. My dad was in the marines and so were many of my other family members so they are helping but I still feel like i wont ever be fully prepared for him too go. June 8 will also be our 3 1/2 years which isnt that signifigant but just makes it that much harder. I cant wait for him to come out though a new man and so much stronger.

Lace23 Lace23
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

thats so cool that you guys are high school sweethearts...yeah the not being together thing sucks a lot and it really is very hard to try to evenly share time with family. that was probably the hardest thing for aaron and i cuz his mom is very overprotective as it is and he wanted to spend time with me and them all at the same time while keeping everyone happy too. it was really hard but you will be fine...just work thru those struggles together :)