Going From Marine to Wife

I met my now husband 2 years ago after he became a Marine.  I had gone through boot camp myself down in Parris Island and had actually gotten engaged to another Marine who was a recruit while I was there.  When I moved out to be with my then fiance, he ended up being completely different than who he had been.  After some really harsh words, I let him go.  I knew absolutely nobody where I was.  But his roommate was there for me.  We ended up starting a relationship and 7 months later we got married.  Less than 2 months after we got married he got deployed on his first deployment...missing the birth of our first son by 10 days.  He finally got to see our son the day after he turned 6 months old.  7 months later, I gave birth to our twin boys and we are now preparing for yet another deployment.  Would I change anything...never. Is it hard...sometimes.  But if you can't make it through the hard times, you don't deserve the easy times.  That's one of the things I love about being a Marine wife.  We probably get more curve balls than our men do, and I think we handle it a lot better than they do too.  I've been a Marine and I've been a Marine wife...and I honestly can't say which one makes me more proud...but if I had to, I'd say being a Marine wife, knowing that my husband is willing to leave behind myself and our 3 little boys to defend our country while others would rather sit back and question the country in which we live, that gives me pride.  And it's special, unless you live in a military town you don't just run into someone who's also a Marine wife.  Yeah, tears get shed, but there's always a smile beyond the tears.  I am so thankful for the choices that I made in life because it has truly brought me happiness.  There have been sad times (my ex-fiance passed away last year) but my husband has always been there for me just like he is for this country.  From the day I signed my life away to the corps, to the day that I die...I am and always will be Semper Fi...to my country, to the Corps, and to my husband & kids.  Us Marine girls are truly special, cause it takes a strong and caring person to take on the love of a Marine...but it is so worth it.


Semper Fi and going strong for 2 years 1 month and 17 days!

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One hell of a story but welcome & oooooooooooorah!

congrats on everything! wishing you the best! ;D