Happily Married...!

So just wanted to tell everyone about my weekend...and my friend from back home. This last weekend was probably the best time Aaron and I have had together ever. We had so much fun! We went shopping, actually ate dinner together (our first time going to an actual restaurant together!), ran errands, watched movies...the whole thing was just perfect. Best part: there were no video games and our roommates were gone for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves besides. We had such a good weekend...it reminded me of our first date again :)

So then on Monday my friend from back home is texting me (she's the one who is engaged to one of Aaron's friends who is also a marine down here) she was supposed to be coming down here for spring break but now might not because her mom doesn't want her to spend that much money (and yes she will listen to her mom...back in Oct. her fiance -or so they said- got in a really bad car wreck down here and ended up being in a comma for over a month but my friend never came down to see him because her parents didn't want her to!) I was angry at her for that but now they are back together...he officially proposed about a month ago and now when we were texting yesterday she is telling me she doesn't know if this is what she wants, she is only 17 and too young to get married, she isn't ready to be engaged- let alone get married, and that "My life isn't over when I graduate...It starts...I have college and everything" so basically she is telling me she thinks getting married means life is over which is definitely a sign she SHOULD NOT get married...your marriage should be the start of your life not the end of it! She clearly is too young but the age you're ready to get married is not a number...its something that only that person can determine for themselves...she is obviously too young to get married because she is too immature to even handle this situation. Shes going on about how she has too much to deal with in her life right now but if she really wanted to get married and was ready to she would be dealing with all that stuff WITH her fiance! So I told her I don't get why she said yes when he proposed if she doesn't know that this is what she wants and she replied that she knew at that moment but now she isn't sure and "who knows how I'll feel tomorrow" wtf? why would you get engaged and plan to marry someone if you're mind changes from one day to the next on whether or not you even want to be in a relationship???

Anyways so I was annoyed that she had said marriage is the end of life but I just figured if she thinks of it that way that is her loss and she might end up very lonely one day when the fun and partying college stage is over...but THEN her fiance comes over to hang out with Aaron some and we were all talking about the whole situation and he told me apparently she had told him she isn't sure about getting married because she doesn't want to be like me who just ran off and got married and "ruined her life"!!!! I was so pissed when I heard that! She is supposed to be my best friend and here she is saying how stupid I was and how I shouldn't have got married and all this ****. Well I'm sorry hun but I am very happily married I wouldn't change that for the world! and if you need to sleep around and party through college to feel like your life is complete by all means be my guest but that IS NOT what I want to spend my life doing...I am doing exactly what I want and what makes me happy! I absolutely love my husband with all my heart...Aaron is my world. No I'm not going to college in Colorado like I had planned but ya know what? I traded a couple years of fun for a lifetime of love and happiness! I think I can live with that trade off :) :) :)

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

She definitely doesn't sound ready to get married. Not because she's 17, but because of her perception of marriage. I'm excited about getting married! <br />
I could go off to some out of state college and be stupid at parties with other guys but at the end of day what does that get me? memories I'm likely to regret. I'm not willing to give up what I have for that petty crap.<br />
Maybe she needs that time to grow up. I hope see's whats really going on.

you did what you felt was best for you and no one else! good for you! & yay for the fun weekend.<br />
but shes not ready to be married because it wouldnt be a question and you can tell the her maturity level is pretty low...