So I have midterms this week, and I can not push myself to study.  I know have to but I just don't want to.  I;m still sick, I have been for more than a week and I have pink eye. Kind of stressing about my intro to american music class midterm.  My tool of a teacher expects us to listen to music, and know who the composer is, title of the song, and its meter and texture AND spell everything correctly!!! WTF!?!? I did not sign up for a spelling class OR A FREAKING HONORS MUSIC CLASS!!!! It is so stupid to get marked down if we don't spell correctly and just know by listening, STUPID DOUCHE!!!! Apparently he does not know what INTRO mean.  

Ughhh and still no letter!!!! WTF!!! A******!!!

KimmyKakes KimmyKakes
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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

he mailed something on monday i would get it by thursday or friday...but yeah im trying to get my mind off of it by studying but studying is LAME LOL. and i have a midterm for my management class, ihate this music class though stupid fine arts requirement.

just do what you can to study for it.. go in & take the thing & then walk out & dont think about it anymore.... thats all you can do!

lol im not expecting it, its just annoying !!! geez alexis get off my nuts hahaha jk. but whatever i guess if we work things out i have to get use to no communication.