Questions to Ask the Recruiter

Hi all.  My fiance and I are going to meet with the recruiter here at home again because we have some questions to ask.  He is leaving for bootcamp in Sept. (after we get married).  I have a few questions about base living, but wondered what else I should think about asking.  Can you think of anything big or small that I might want to know about?

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Yep he did sign the papers about 3 weeks ago. We are hoping he will be stationed in Camp LeJeune (much closer to home-NY). Of course we won't know until after boot camp so mine are general questions, like are the houses furnished and if I'm not going down until the following July, when do we apply for base housing. <br />
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I have a list of questions I will be asking the recruits and I know more will come as time goes on...they'll be happy to get rid of me! I know you can't plan everything but I figure the more I know the better off we are. Thanks for all your suggestions and keep em coming!

i had a billion questions so heck you might be able to ask us but get the dats of EVERYTHING and plan accordingly