Colleges Around Camp Leguene

heyy yall, i havent been on here in a few months but i graduate highschool in may and then me & my fiance are getting married and he's getting stationed at camp lejeune in the summer and i need to go to college, do yall know what the best college is near there? i want a degree in nursing (even tho that stuff doesnt start until the first two years of college)

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I'm going to Coastal Carolina next year :) I'm new on here and I don't know any of you guys yet, but my boyfriend's in the Marine Corps and I figured I should make some friends up there!

The college that has a campus on base in Campbell that's the 1 im thinking about but im not sure if they offer nursing check it out and let me know if you find anything else..<br />
Im not sure what base josh is gonna b on yet at least you can start to plan =(

yes i live in jacksonville which is not even five mintues away frm base and there iS Costal Carolina COmmunity COllege and there is a colldge in wilimington and that is abouth thirty minutes away.....and that is good........

yeah!! of course you can!!!! just make sure that alllll your credits that you already have go with you.. because i heard that sometimes some go misssssing :/ but yeah, my counselor at school said that it's possible because I was thinking a community college here where I'm from for a year and then moving to Jacksonville. . . <br />
<br />
I'm actually hoping to move down there sometime in like october maybe... since Chris and I can't get married for a year or so I'll be neeeeeding a roommate if I can find a cute cheap but not icky apartment!!! :)

yes yes yes there are!! they're community colleges though... I haven't searched in a while so those are the only ones I remember! AHHH we should alllllllll go to the same school and be roomies :) that'd rock.

there's a few community colleges really close by... Coastal Carolina is like five minutes or so from base and I know they have some nursing stuff... Also Cape Fear community college (where I might go)-- It's in Wilmington, like a half hour away.. I don't know if they have nursing stuff but they have film/video and that's what I want :) But yeah, I'd definitely look into those if I were you.