A Few Things That Made My Dayy Better.

So had the worse dayy ever. Nothing really seemed to go my wayy. But its over now. So I figured I would end it with the few things that got me through it.


well 1...

Today marks the 5th month that travis has been in Iraq.. Which I guess wouldnt seem good, But that means that only 2ish more months and I get to see him again. And that makes me soo happy.



I was talking to travis on the phone today and one of hes buddys stole the phone from him to talk to me.. Which i was pissed about at first cause I wanted to talk to my boyfriend.. not some other person. BUT the guy pretty much said that Im all Travis talks about these days and that its getting pretty annoying, cause all the other guys have to hear everything about me, cause Im the only thing he talks about. Which made me laugh and smile.


This one is kinda weird.. But def made me laugh.

While I was talking to travis today ( later in the conversation) I hear a bunch of guys come into the room. And after they all yell hi to me. I hear travis saying ' no Im not telling her that' and Im thinking.. Oh goodness what did he do now.. And then after he repeats that a couple times he tells me to hold on for a sec. So im like wtf.. Then I hear a bunch of like rough housing going on. A few laughs. and the travis yelling ' I dont care if you all wanna **** my girlfriend get out of this effing room before I kick your ***.' at this point Im like dying laughing. So they all yell bye to me, and I finally hear the door shut. and Then travis comes back as Im cracking up.. It gave me a good laugh. Silly boys. lol


So yeahh. That was pretty much the extent of the happiness of my dayy.

Hope your guy's was better :)


TasiaMarie TasiaMarie
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

yep, definitely loves you.<br />
<br />
ooooh that is sooo awesome!!! those 2 months are going to flyyyyyyyyyyyy by!!!! i'm down to 2 weeks!! holy crap!!!

hahah @ He loooves you =]<br />
<br />
I do believe so. :p