OMG This Is Hilarious....

So Bob's in combat training now at Bragg and they were doing defensive technical driving today with humvee's, basically they went mudding.  BUt they got the humvee stuck in the mud!!! He just emailed me this pic from his phone! If ya look in the passanger window you can see some dude's feet coming out cause they can't open the doors!


Damn it, how do you upload a photo to the story?!?!?!!?!



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hmm... it doesn't have anything below except the comments.... And i don't know what photobucket is.... I just donwloaded it from the email i got it in.... I'm gonna have to play around with it now tho... i don't like not knowing things :-p


you have to put in the direct link like from photobucket it says direct link under the photo...thats the one u put in this stupid lil box...took me hours to figure it out...Kali helped me;-)

you gotta go to my photo album and view it... I put the link in the first comment

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hahaha thats made me laugh...but uh i couldnt see the pic...

Yeah I tried that link, it wanted a URL... I tried putting the one in that comes up when you view the pic but it didn't work... whatever, you girls can seeing it anyhow...<br />
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I don't know why they train there, but he's there for three weeks total, his whole regiment is.

Wait.. Why do Marines do training at Army bases??

its a button right above were you start to type by spell check and all the rest it should say insert photo

Whatever... I don't know how to upload a pic into my story so I uploaded it to my account. Check it out its in the Humvee album!<br />
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