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the new disney princess. .. can you believe why some folks are trippin? check it out....

Black Disney Princess Gets Jungle Fever

Remember the teaser for the first movie to have a black princess, “The Princess and the Frog“? Well, people are stark raving mad over the fact that Princess Tiana ends up with a white-looking cat named Prince Naveen:

Disney’s first black princess, Princess Tiana - and the ‘white’ Prince Naveen

Move over Snow White. Make room for Disney’s first black princess.

With America’s first African-American president in the White House, Disney is counting on an African-American princess to be a big hit in Hollywood.

But even though The Princess and the Frog isn’t released until later this year, it is already stirring up controversy.

For while Princess Tiana and many in the cartoon cast are black – the prince is not.

Which has led some critics to complain that Disney has ducked the opportunity for a fairytale ending for a black prince and princess.

While some have hailed Disney’s decision as a reflection of melting pot America, others say the company is sending out a mixed message.

Although the black princess’s love interest in the new animated musical is called Prince Naveen of Maldonia and is voiced by a Brazilian actor, he looks more white than black in photographs from the film that Disney have released.

Even though she ends up with a somewhat white fella, is having the first black princess progress enough?

…or is this just some straight up bullsh*t??

http://bossip. com/93060/princess-tiana-and-prince-who/princess-tiana-and-paa4781/


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14 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Lol Im black So when I found out about I actually asked my cousin who Boyfriend works for Disney. They werent "trying on purpose" to be all "Jungle fever". Lol, the being mad thing is stupid, cause dude is suppose to represent the french creole part of new orleans, by being the prine of one of the islands. Thats why he kind of has a tan. Im guessing either, haiti or somewhere in the Caymans? Either way I am mixed and I think we should hve moved past bi-racial pediness YEARS AGO. ;D

true & i used to love jasmine

he's white and some kind of spanish.... hes to dark to be all whit tho & no cuban

LMAO hes a step away from being an obama ahhh i love it and he does look mixed, like puerto rican with italian and maybe some other brown stuff LMAO idk but he does not look white

lmao...yeah but i like the name they chose for her. princess tiana CUTE!!

& i love how her name isnt sally becky or sue

awwwwwwwwwwwwww i love her & whats wrong w/ a lil jungle feva! <br />
like you said i think people just need to chill & even if the prince was black the next thing would be why is her man black just b/c she is?

LMAO alexis ur funny, you didnt even notice no one looked like you. ahhh ur funny i luv u

OMG why do the characters sound like really bad stereotypical "black" people?? thats horrible. and that flying thing sounded so bad. omg i can kinda see how ppl are upset about it but pretty excited to see tha movie though

i was princess jasmine, cuz she was the only one who was close to being brown like me. lol

what about a beaner princess? Princess Maria?? LOL

i totally agree about it bein BS if they felt he had to be black just cuz she is. you'd think after all these yrs ppl would get the hell over the interracial **** and prejudice...ugh ppl are so closed-minded its embarrassing! i hadnt heard of this movie tho thats awesome that someone is FINALLY recognizing that EVERYONE isnt white!!! it took forever to get a black or asian barbie even...its about time we had a freakin disney character that acknowledges another part of the population!

and yeah kali, i totally agree with you!!!!<br />
lol i must say though that this prince naveen is a cutie hahaha.<br />
when i was little i totally had a crush on Aladdin....

AWWW I LOVE DISNEY PRINCESS' I want to see this.....<br />
I don't see what the big deal is about having a black disney princess falling in love with a white-ish dude.... People are crazy. Times have changed. I'm really pumped to see this though hahaha, there hasn't been a new disney princess in years!!!!!