First Parting (3 Month Long Training) :(

Hi all. My name is ashley. I have been with my marine for six months now. We're very happy together. He has verbalized his intention to marry me after his deployment in Septemeber of 2009.

  Since i've known him, the longest time we've spent apart is a week. And starting monday he's going to be gone for some training for two and something months. He's not even gone yet and I'm fretting. I know i'm only a baby in this game so ANY advice would be really helpful.

I was raised a NAVY brat and so i figured dating a marine wouldn't be to tough(most of my family is gone all the time) I was wrong. And these trainings are becoming more frequent as the deployment date nears.  Again any advice on how to handle him being gone would be very very helpful.

much appeciated,


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welcome to the group! im rebecca!

hey! im hadassah- welcome to the group :) yeah i dont think having experience w/family members really compares to what its like when its your own sucks major to have them leave. just remember he'll be back before you know it and try to keep yourself busy in the mean time...when my (now) husband was far away i always had a sweatshirt that smelled like may sound funny but somehow it helps to be able to at least smell him when you go to sleep at night or when you're feeling lonely. and the girls in this group are always here and going thru the same or at least similar situations so you're in the right place! :) Do you get to talk to him when he's gone?