Spring Break

how has yall ladies spring break been?? what have yall been doing???


Ive been CLEANING MY *** OFF .. cleanin out closests (i got like 5 bags of ish to go donate, most stuff taylah has out grown), scrubbin carpets, re-organizing etc etc etc ... i need to be doing more studying, and more taylah QT.... but its been pretty productive though...


how about you ladies???

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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

i don't have mine yet :( not for another 2 weeks hope you all enjoy yours though

Well mine dosent start til nex week but josh will be home so im soooooo excited

I'm going to be packing my stuff up to get ready to move back to the UK.x

right now im watchin the late late show...i love craig ferguson! lmao...