Some People Are Just Ignorant

So.. Last night as I'm Sitting on my dorm room couch watching the Real World (which i love) One of the girls I live with and a friend of ours comes in.. They were really loud and I couldnt hear so i was becoming very angry very fast. Well this episode was about Ryan and how he got recalled into the Army.  Well before it showed that it showed him walking in Veterans Day Parade, going to get info on PTSD, and him talking about Obama.. Well when it shows his reaction he is obviously upset he is crying and he just keeps saying I cant go back I cant.. At this point I am crying because it breaks my heart to  see young men like that regardless of what branch.. Well then this girl says that his reaction is WRONG.. I was like excuse me how is he suppose to react.. she was like just a minute ago he was like o look at me you should be so proud. Im like first of all we should be proud of him because he put his life on the line for u. So then she goes on to tell me how most men join because they wanna kill.. I wasl like O hell no.. I told her im like they dont WANT to kill people. I said many of them join because they will pay for education.. many join because they love this country and many join because they have no other chance at a good life. Then after a little bit she starts talking about how there is nothing sexier then a man in uniform.. I made smart elic comment.. I was like you know what I cant stand.. Tag Chasers. The room grew quiet real fast.. Im like if the only reason someone dates a man is because he is in the military then she is just a shallow hoe bag... Omg my roommates were like looking at me like i had lost my mind.. Idk what happen but i just snapped and went off on this girl.. :)


Sorry for the rant it helps to tell u ladies about it.. Love you all

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this is NOT a fight... I will start deleting post if it gets drama filled .. cause God knows we have had enough drama

ahahahha Kaitlin gets on my nerves hardcore!!!!!!!!<br />
I like Baya and Scott a lot... Chet is ok, but i absolutely despise JD. ughh he's such a jerkwod dramaqueen.

Good for you!!

I love it to Paige! I really do like Ryann.. I also like Kaitlin :) but for somereason Chet is not my favorite

ahaha thank you, my name's Paige :) Yeah, I totally agree with you 100% so I had to put my two cents in. <br />
<br />
Awww it's such a good show... except I doubt I'd watch it if Ryan wasn't on it :) I feel like I can relate to his situations all because Christopher (my boyfriend) is in Iraq at the moment... He's a macho tough dude, but deployment and combat zones really break even the strongest of men down... hehe reality tv, gotta love it.

ahmen to that paigerina!... sorry i dont know your real name. but for real, just bc they signed up for it, doesnt mean they cant have emotions, and fears about going away to war. it IS hard on the family and what man wants to put his family through that? i really think that just bc they signed up and we chose this life crap is just understating the seriousness behind going on a deployment. i think you made a very good point. i have never seen the show, so idk how it all went down but either way, let people have feelings

ahhahah natalie, my cousin is in the army and is terrified of the marine recon dudes. apparently they're ginormous beastly men!!!! <br />
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but hey, I totally watched the real world last night... This might sound lame but Ryan is totally my favorite!!!!!! I would have totally snapped like you did too.... That girl knows nothing. Chris enlisted in the USMC just for something to do.... he regrets that now but it's made him who he is today. ANYWAY, I don't think Ryan overreacted or anything last night when he was crying. He stayed strong for a while and he kept confidently saying that he would go back if he had to "I'll do it" where his exact words I believe... He's obviously proud, a person who was not proud to go back wouldn't of sounded as confident as him and wouldn't share stories and pictures with his roomies. He didn't start crying until he said "I don't want to put my parents through that again." he was over in Iraq at the worst possible time... He was nineteen at the time and he was also there for a whole year. He saw some scary **** that people over there nowa days don't necessarily see since it's simmered down a bit. I seriously think he has PTSD. it's sad if you ask me... Sure he signed up for this.... but I'm almost positive that most of our boyfriends or husbands would be pretty damn upset if they had already served a year in Iraq and were forced to go back for God only knows how long. Yep, they all know what they're getting into...So let them cry all they want... it might not make anything better, but they're scared... They know they might not come back. They know it'll pay a toll on their family and friends. Only a robot human with zero emotions wouldn't be scared or upset a little bit.

So today in my Geography class there is a male that sits behind that ive been partners with before on projects and im telling someone else about it and he goes yea.. WE cant stand tag chasers.. I was like WE? He was in the Marines..

Haha!! Good for you! =)

EXACTLY. so she shouldnt be one to judge a persons reactions. until she is in that position idk think its right of her to judge. <br />
yeah he signed up for it and SHOULD expect it. like i said, i personally think to cry over it, might be a little much, but idk, ive never had to deal with that directly so i guess i cant really say.<br />
ive only been on the other end and gotten the news that my husband is leaving, which SUCKS big time, but its part of the job. still sucks but nothing i can do about it

i dont understand how a person cant be even just a little disappointed when they get the news they are deploying??? like does anyone enjoy leaving loved ones behind??? and everyone handles things differently. i never watch tv so i didnt see what happened, but if he cried so what? let the man be. i mean i think for him to cry over it might be a little much but still, thatdoesnt mean some chick that has no idea what its like, can judge. i would like to see her get deployed and see how SHE reacts to it

yeah i know that trick was wayy out of line esp since she is a tag hoe... & no matter if i thought the same thing i would of gone off on her to out of shear principle lol

what frustrated me was the fact that she said that he didnt respond right.. ok how the hell do people respond. I mean yea they should be proud to go but id be upset to.

i watched the episode & ryan annoyed me the whole time... hmm idk i might have been all of my hormones but i think he was kinda acting like a baby... when dealing with the military you should always know there is a good chance you will be going back. & i think he should of been telling his gf that & preparing her than just pretending like it wouldnt happen. <br />
<br />
he was sooo proud to stand up there with the men in the parade who im sure have gone over there more than once but when it was time for him to go back he was like i dont wanna goo. man up i know tons of people who have gone a ton of times & they suck it up & go<br />
<br />
yes he has a right to be upset a little but he should be proud to go back. shane always tells me its his job & i knew that getting in & he knew it joining when a war was going up. & sometimes you just have to man up

haha i love it! and so true!!!

ahmen to that! i get reeeaaaallll b***** when i hear ppl say ignorant things. even when its non military related. im always like, did you for real just say that????!!! i joke with a gf of mine and we both have had years of work in retail n so we have come to connclusion that stupid ppl, like that girl your talking about, should not be allowed to reproduce! hahaha totally meaning it on a joking level though... kinda :)

i wish you ladies could have been there when i said women who date men just because they are in the military are shallow hoe bags... the entire room just stopped.. :) All i can say is dont mess with a Bad A** USMC Chick Cause you will get told about ur self lol

for real girl! i know what you mean. people have said crap to me like ....oh your married to marine??? whats that like? esp when you know he goes off to killinnocent people. i just flip! bc first of all, my husband isnt even a grunt! second of all, he has never had to shoot at anyone so far, thankfully and even if he did or will, its NOT because he wants too! and thirdly he did join so he could have a way of paying for his education! im proud of him for that. to me he is more of a man than the loser ones out there that live off their family for years n years while they act like children until their thirties