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 I know I have not been on here in forever, but I just have been busy. Bryant and I were talking on webcam just a few minutes ago talking about our wedding date and such. He was talking about how a lot of the people from 29 Palms that do computer communications are getting stationed in Japan. With only like 3 1/2 to 4 months left with him being stationed, that looks like where he might be going. The question I need from you guys is, am I allowed to live on base with him? because he told me I was not. And said that he was not allowed to live off base. I found a solution to the question an just said I'll live off base while you live on base. He wasn't so keen of that idea. But I know people from the army who have been statoned in Okinawa with their families, I just don't know why the Marines would not do it. PLease just elp me out here. I have to go to work in 30 minutes, and I will be in utter distress until then. Please and thank you.

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damn this sucks...

Well We will be maried by the time he went.

yeah you cant go until your married & no lance is not considered an officer

this is what a marine's wife told me "My Hubby was there for 3 years and I just asked him and he said no. His orders will be 2 years unaccompanied regardless if he's married or not. It's called a hardship tour. He could do one year unaccompanied but then if he were to bring you after the first year he would get new orders for a 3 year accompanied tour. So he would spend 4 years total in oki. "

is lance considered and officer? i'm sorry...i know i am stupid

Well we plan on getting married and then me going with him, he'll be a lance cpl in september, and we are getting married at the end of august, so would the best thing for us to do is wait till then huh? Okay well if you guys find anything out please text me!!! 936-647-6519<br />
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I love all of you guys!

i know in Hawaii you can live on base if your a PFC or higher im really not sure about Japan and yea i dnt thnk you can live off baase i know that one for a fact..

oh well than yeah she prob was just trying to hint at me that her man was an officer. maybe she was missinformed, but i doubt it. she was like in her fortys, had been married to her husband for many years so im sure she just was looking down on me bc here i am, the wife of just an e3 at the time and getting paid just as much as she did working at the officers club :) which btw was no fun at all. drunk marines= lots of fights and alot of spilt liqour all over themselves during ball time

well a guy i went to high school with is a lcplin the marines & is stationed in HI & his wife is there with him

yeah a marine thats here now had some crazy a** stories from when he was in japan. the lockdown thing was like a usual weekend thind for him he said bc there was always some stupid marine acting like an idiot, most of the time thanks to alcohol.<br />
and as for hawaii, a wife iused to work with at the officers club here told me that only officer families could follow their husbands there. maybe she was just trying to show off her husband staus in the military or some crap

i just spoke to a marine friend of ours n he said its staff nco before you can go to japan...

i know that in japan like amanda & kali said everything is pretty much in english & they have everything on base that you would need!<BR><BR>& for hawaii as long as you married you can live there with them i know a lcpl that has his wife out there with him

ive head that for japan and hawaii i think the marine has to be an officer. but idk for sure. maybe that was just hawaii. idk all i remeber was when we still didnt know where my husband was going to be stationed, i asked what if it was japan and if it would of been there, i wouldnt of been able to go.<br />
if you do end up going there, im jealous! i have always wanted to go there. but thats prob bc i took the language in high school. living there for a few years though, might be really hard with the difference in culture and all